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Iside De Cesare

Teaching Director

Iside Maria de Cesare was born in Rome in 1973 and, after reaching the scientific diploma, she attended the enginery university.

In the same time she started to work in the kitchen for a restaurant with her sisters and than she consolidated her experience in other restaurant activities. She decided to quit university because of her passion about culinary environment, to focus her energies on it. In 1996 she landed in the restaurant “ Agata e Romeo” and the following year she arrived in the “Colline Ciociare”. In 2001, after 2 years courted by Heinz Beck of the “Pergola del Rome Cavalieri”, she decided to continue her experience in the kitchen in Romagna to the “Frasca di Castrocaro Terme” and than she continued for 2 years as a chef in many structures and hotels. In 2005 in Trevinano, she decided to open the restaurant “La Parolina” with her boyfirend Romano Gordini, which whom she reached the coveted michelin star. In 2005 she gave time with passion to the teaching on the culinary art, defining practive teaching technicals, which where everybody partecipated actively to preparations, with the same rules of a professional kitchen.

Emergent chef for the guide of 2008 touring and for the “Identità Golose” guide in 2010. In 2014 she won the Imaf chef’s up with the “Pastiera of barley, passion fruit in poppy seeds shortcrust”, an international culinary contest between starred chefs couples. In 2016 she was a guest of the Masterchef 5 finale for the “invention test” wich where she presented the trout in cooking oil with herbs and cucumber sauce to the public.

This is a kitchen focused to the ingredients excellence, greedy, funny, spontaneous and made of passion and tradition, this is Iside’s kitchen.

Mirko Moglioni

Teaching chef

Moglioni, chef with a refined human and creative sensitivity, class 1976, is from Tivoli and he’s got a 25 year’s  experience of his profession, or passion, which it was practiced in 2 of the most known restaurant of the capital and abroad.

Salvo Leanza

Teaching chef

Pastry chef, icecream chef and chocolatier, he offers consultings for important restaurant companies and he teaches in the professional italian culinary schools. He’s specialized in bakery, chocolate and icecream.

Romano Gordini

Teaching Chef

He was born in Forlì the first of April 1981, he attended the hotel school “Pellegrino Artusi”, in Forlimpopoli. He founded “La Parolina”, located between Lazio, Toscana and Umbria, in 2005 with Iside de Cesare, after many working experiences in italian restaurant. Romano is specialized in processing, technique and meat cooking.

Duilio Girotto

Pizza Chef

Duilio Girotto was born in 1973 in Cordoba, argentina. He originates from an italian family living music and kitchen, and as a matter of fact, his brother Javier Girotto chose music, while Duilio thrilled for pizza. He attended the A.P.I. school (association of italy pizza restaurant). In 1995 he reached the diploma with the maximum result. He started his career as a pizza chef when he was 22 years old. He partecipated to the world championship of pizza in Salsomaggiore for 4 years, obtaining several prizes and the first place with the acrobatic team of Rome with Pino Arletto, with whom he continued to exhibit during the years in many demonstrations in italy and abroad. He partecipated in many pizza race as a judge. He also is been a guest in TV programmes like “La Vita in Diretta”, and Rolfo TV ( dutch talk show). In 2006 he attended a mastercourse of gluten free pizza in the italian school of pizzachef. Duilio Girotto is a pizza master dedicated with big passion to the teaching in many schools of Rome and others; A.P.I., italian school of  pizza chefs, master school of pizzachefs, italian team of the “Gambero Rosso” and “Coquis”.

Salvatore Canargiu

Teaching chef

After  several experience in starred kitchens, he today work as chef to the Boutique Hotel Locanda Palazzone di Orvieto, exclusive historical relais surrounded by nature, which where he everyday cares about everything about the restaurant service, from breakfast to lunch or coffe break till dinner through a tasting paths, with the target of transmit culinary values to the guest exalting raw ingredients and tecniques. Since 2014 he is a member of the italian national of chef and in 2015 he was the winner of the italian international with a silver medal.

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